Our mission is to provide you with the best natural health products for your life.We want you to live a new healthy life and feel better with pure air and water, and through good daily nutrition. LiveANEW distributes Vollara products. Vollara comes from the Latin "to fly".

The goal of LiveANEW  is to help you to fly free from unhealthy living to living a healthy life.

In the past Cindy Pennington, the CEO, did a lot of research and prayer to find a good trustworthy home business. Then she discovered information about EcoQuest (now Vollara) and read about their products and business opportunities. Cindy was very impressed with the company's products and people, so she requested a followup call from a representative. In 2007 Cindy started her home business as a distributor and has thoroughly enjoyed it.

Since starting her business Cindy has met a lot of successful people in Vollara. She believes in the products because she knows they work. She has had many allergies and asthma since childhood, but has made fantastic improvements from using the products she sells.

"I used to wake up every hour during the night coughing from congestion and trying to breathe. My skin seemed to itch all the time, and I had trouble breathing during the day. Now I can sleep through most of the night, my breathing has improved greatly, and I'm not itching all the time. I feel so much better. I thank God for these products."

Cindy and her husband distribute and use Vollara products on a regular daily basis. They benefit from the "FreshAir Surround", "Laundry Pure", "FreshAir Focus", "Steady Power", and many nutritional products. Having experienced much improved health they have a passion to share Vollara with others, and improve their health as well.